Why I Run With My Dog

Why I Run With My Dog

Ever since I was very young, two things have always been constant. 

  1. I love dogs
  2. I have a large amount of excess energy.

Dogs have done so much for me growing up. The love and joy you receive from a dog is truly indescribable. They have been my companion when I've been loneliest, the rock through my hardest times, the joker when I've needed a laugh and my partner in crime through many happy adventures.

 The intelligence and emotional understanding of a dog is really something quite remarkable and I am not lying when I say I could not be more grateful that I have been blessed with the chance to have deep bonds with 3 dogs in my life - Buster (my parents mixed collie who I followed around as a child and would sneak into his bed), Rio (our family dog, a big gentle black lab who is now very sadly an old wise doggo ) and now my first dog of my own - Nacho - a very vibrant, cheeky, loving and highly energised Golden Retriever. (They say dogs are like their owners - well it turns out I have selective hearing but I do it with a smile on my face)

There have been periods in my life that like so many other people, I have struggled with my mental and physical health. A great thing that has always worked for me is good nutrition and exercise, and more specifically running. I have always been active with my dogs but it wasn’t until Nacho came bouncing into my life that it developed into something more. 

What we have in common is that we both have an excessive amount of energy that if not released can manifest itself into stress, anxiety or getting overwhelmed. 

Through canicross and running with Nacho it has vastly improved our situation. It gives us both the chance to expel our energy in a positive and fun way and we reap all the positive benefits on our physical and mental health and also improves his behaviour immensely.

I must say that we are definitely not perfect, we have many days where we can’t be bothered to run, or eat well and I'd rather have a large glass of red wine and open up the big bag of maltesers. However, I do believe that having small attainable goals and through a supportive network and encouraging each other we can all be more active and healthier for both ourselves and for our dogs. 

Running with Nacho has transcended past just being exercise, it is indescribable fun where we both feel free and in our element. I sincerely hope by starting this company with the goal to support ‘Happy Humans and Happy Dogs’ that other people will get to experience the same enjoyment and to build a community promoting a positive lifestyle so that we can all enjoy each other's love and company for as long as possible. 

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