Our dogs are more than just pets, they are our partners in crime, our best friends, fur children, and family.
The unconditional love they give is indescribable. I have been blessed with 3 dogs in my life, Buster, Rio and now Nacho. A few years ago we sadly lost our Black Labrador Rio after 14 very special years, he was our family dog and was in every sense my best friend, always there with me in every high and low moment.

In his later years he suffered health issues and it was very painful for everyone to see him go through this.

This led to me to study canine nutrition and supplements which unveiled startling facts about the dog food industry. Despite the availability of supplements, I discovered they often contain unnatural, low-quality ingredients, or require purchasing multiple products for comprehensive health support, leading to high costs

It was at this moment, I knew there had to be a better way and started 'Heel' with our sole mission to improve the life of every dog in the world through natural, quality dog care products.

Our first product is our 6 in 1 Multivitamin Supergravy! Our lip-smacking gravy turbocharges your dog’s health in the most convenient and delicious way, supporting multiple functions, enriching your dog's health, allowing us all to share the love and companionship of our furry family for as long as possible.