What is Canicross?

Canicross may not be a word you have heard before, even if that is the case you may already be taking part in the sport without realising.

As a general overview, canicross is cross country running with your dog in a harness attached to a waist belt with a bungee leash. The owner helps direct the dog with oral commands.

In the UK canicross is an extremely fast growing sport. It is a very welcoming community and there are many canicross clubs and events across the UK that people can take part in. 

A major benefit of canicross is that you can take part no matter what your ability. Whether you are an amateur just running with your dog for enjoyment or signing up for competitions, it is accessible to everyone.

Canicross is a fantastic and fun way to get outside, feel energised and get fit with your dog and helps to create an even deeper bond with your dog. 

History of Canicross

Originating in Europe as off-season training for the mushing (sledding) community, it has become popular as a stand-alone sport all over the world. Particularly in Europe and especially in the UK. Canicross is closely related to bikejoring where participants cycle with their dog and skijoring, where participants ski rather than run.

What Kit Do I Need?

Quality gear that is functional and fits your dog perfectly is fundamental for canicross. A good canicross setup will enhance your experience and help prevent injuries. All you need to get started with canicross is a pulling-harness, an elastic line and a canicross belt.

At Doggo Sports Club one of our expert team can help you pick out the perfect kit so you can begin your adventure today.

Benefits of Canicross


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