1. What are ‘Doggo Sports’?

Doggo Sports are any sport or activity in which you can take part in with your Doggo. The most well known sports are Canicross (running), Canitrekking, Scooter or Bikejor.

Whether you are going for a lovely jog in the winter sun or going paw to paw with the elite athletes at the Canicross world championships. Doggo Sports can be any of the above.

It's a movement for us all to get outside, be active and to feel energised and uplifted. 


2. What is the Doggo Sports Club?

DSC is a fun, inclusive and diverse group of dog and running enthusiasts that wants to encourage, collaborate and promote all humans and dogs alike to get involved and live a positive and healthy lifestyle through :

1) Community

2) Exercise (Canicross, Canitrekking, Bikejoring or generally exercising with your dog)

3) Nutrition / Wellness

4) Fun and Adventure


1) CLOTHING - We make and supply quality, comfortable and stylish clothing perfectly suited for Canicross, Canitrekking, Bikejoring and generally being active with our four legged best friends. When we look good, we feel good

2) KIT + EQUIPMENT -  Supply the best quality kit, equipment and to provide professional advice so that we can assist you whether you are training for the world championships or just getting started. With the right equipment we can all enjoy being active and taking part in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

3) COLLABORATE + COMMUNITY - To listen and learn from people in the community such as tips, trail recommendations, or even recipes for post run treats (for both humans and dogs ) and to work together to grow the community and empower each other in whatever our fitness goals are whilst making friends along the way. 

4) NUTRITION - Provide support and information on how we can optimise our dogs' health through proper nutrition to improve both their physical and mental health. 

3. What is Canicross?

As a general overview, canicross is running with your dog in a harness as a team along trails.

This can come in many forms and regardless of your age, ability or experience, ANYONE can get involved in some way. However, your dog MUST be fully matured before you start running with them.

It is truly a fantastic way to exercise with your dog and has so many benefits to both your physical and mental health.

In regards to my own experience, it has been truly life changing for both myself and my cheeky golden retriever Nacho's.  We have both benefitted physically and mentally and it has even created a bond deeper than I thought was possible (as we were already pretty besotted with each other in the first instance).


4. What equipment do you need?

To get started you will need 

  • A dog harness
  • A waist running belt
  • A bungee line
  • Running Shoes / Clothing           

Taking up a new sport can sometimes be a bit expensive. However, rest assured, any kit we supply has  been created to last. If you need any help, please fill out this form and one of our lovely team will be in touch. 


5. Which Harness best suits my dog?

Picking a harness can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, however at DSC we have an experienced team on hand  to help get you fitted with the right kit.

Please fill out this form and we will be in touch. Alternatively you can attend one of our meet ups and try on some of the options.


6. How do I measure my dog for a harness?

We can help recommend but if you would like to get started now, please to watch a video of how you can do it at home.


7. Will my dog pull me over?

I will be honest with you, before I first got started I had the same concerns. However, this is not something to be worried about. With the right equipment there really is no issue. It is designed to prevent this happening.


8. What if my dog is hyper, or reactive? Is it ok for them to take part?

Absolutely! Exercising with your dog has been proven to help with a vast number of behavioural issues. As long as you take the correct safety precautions set out in our guide. You won’t have any problems getting involved and taking part in the fun. 


9. What type of dogs can take part?

All dogs can take part in Doggo Sports. Being active with your dog doesn’t have to be limited, by the size or breed of your dog. Everyone is welcome.


10. Do I need to train my dog for Canicross?

Canicross has specific commands which can be taught over time. For more information, please click through for our video tutorials. 


11. What type of events do you do?

We are based in South Manchester, our meetups are fun and inclusive and run 4 times a month.

2 of them are running based and the other 2 are group walks where we get a coffee (and of course a bit of cake) at the end.

We believe being active can be social, fun and supportive. We hope to expand these events across the UK as the community grows.


12. Can I do this year round?

Definitely. In rain, sun, snow or shine, whether it's night or day, dry or muddy you can always be active with your dog and have fun. For tips on how to exercise in different conditions, please click…


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