DOGGO DIARIES - Emma & Miyah

Doggo Diaries are stories from our DSC members about their journey into canicross and getting involved with doggo sports.

Our first inspirational story comes from Emma and her wonderful pooch Miyah (Husky x GSD).

If you met me a year ago and asked what I thought of running I would've told you I hated it. 

Since taking part in Canicross with Miyah my passion for running has grown. When I got Miyah a year ago, I was in a dark place, some days I didn't even want to leave the house.

One day I came across a Canicross video which inspired me to go running with my dog, running with Miyah made me feel safe as I wasn't alone! I now do Barkruns on Saturday and do Canicross social runs around the North West. 

Since being a part of the Canicross community I have met some incredible people (and dogs of course) who have continued to push and motivate me every run I go on. I hope to one day do a Canicross competition as it will be so much fun and the opportunity to meet more people in this community. 

If you’ve been inspired by Emma and Miyah and would like to learn how to Canicross or find the perfect equipment to get you started, please get in touch  or email


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