Doggo Diaries - Basil & Ben

"Meet Basil the rescue pup. I’ve often been a pest with my wife, begging for a dog to join our family. The joy and love they bring is something that can only be experienced and It is difficult to put into words.

Sadly we lost our cat to an unfortunate accident including a neighbour and their car. Devastating to say the least. After some time of mourning. My wife surprised me by applying for a rescue pup. After some months we eventually got accepted and along he came from the depths of Romania.

Being a passionate runner. It wasn’t long until young basil and I started to explore the local trails and hills. Since then he often comes along with me so we can quiet our minds together. Staying close to my side as we pass the other walkers and doggies. Basil has stolen our hearts and we have opened our home and family to him. Day by day he becomes more and more confident in himself. All you have to do is show him the love that these unfortunate animals have being missing previously. He’s one in a million. He’s our Basil. A true companion."

What a heartwarming and lovely story from Basil and Ben @reposesportsmassage. We really love hearing the stories from our DSC members and if you want to tell us yours, please feel free to drop us a message 

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