Doggo Sports Club is a running club and community for people who run and want to be active with their dogs. We are currently based in Manchester and run every Wednesday and every other Sunday.

We also create and supply everything needed to support "Happy Dogs and Happy Humans" to run wild and free.

DSC is an all-inclusive, diverse club of dog and running enthusiasts that want to encourage, support, and promote all humans and dogs alike to get outside, feel energised, and live a positive and healthy lifestyle through:






CREATE - To design and manufacture high-quality, long-lasting clothing and equipment for the Doggo Sports community. Whether its for a run, a walk or winning gold at the canicross championships.

COMMUNITY - Community is at the heart of Doggo Sports club. We want to continue to grow and connect a global supportive community that is a safe area for all doggo sport lovers, regardless of ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or breed. Once a DSC member, you will always be a DSC member.

HEALTH - To encourage a healthy, positive lifestyle by maximising our health through proper nutrition and wellness so that we can all live long lasting, vibrant and happy lives.

FUN - The core of DSC is about having fun, excitement and adventure. It's about getting outside, feeling energised and living life to the fullest.

Although we are just starting out, we can't wait to grow the DSC family and to see what we can achieve together.

So please, join the movement, get involved and come on this exciting adventure with us, everyone is welcome!

Doggo Diaries - Basil & Ben

Doggo Diaries - Basil & Ben

"Meet Basil the rescue pup. I’ve often been a pest with my wife, begging for a dog to join our family. The joy and love they bring is something th...

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DOGGO DIARIES - Emma & Miyah

DOGGO DIARIES - Emma & Miyah

Doggo Diaries are stories from our DSC members about their journey into canicross and getting involved with doggo sports. Our first inspirational s...

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What is Canicross?

What is Canicross?

Canicross may not be a word you have heard before, even if that is the case you may already be taking part in the sport without realising.

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“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”


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